Biological Filler

A new method of keeping pigs, sheep, rabbits, chinchillas & birds (chickens, turkeys, etc.) 

Livestock and poultry products pose an ecological threat, their emissions and other wastes pollute the environment and the atmosphere. Concentrations of hazardous gases (methane and ammonia) are so high that if the ventilation system fails, animals will die and farm workers will be frequently poisoned. It is known that pig and bird droppings are very dangerous for the vegetation and the environment, so they must be treated long before using them as fertilizer.

 We present a new concentrate made with new technology, which is ecologically safe, has a lower price and a simple method of production: wood and straw waste is used and it is a technology without residue.

Note the details of the technology,
- the need to remove feces from animals and birds is eliminated,
- completely deodorizes the area,
- eliminates the need to heat the area in cold weather conditions,
- the need for disinfection of the area disappears,
- sharply decreases the number of manpower.

The bacteria are vital to eliminate waste, unpleasant odors and emit the heat.

The heat dissipation in the dandruff mixture has significant values in terms of depth։

  • - at a depth of 2-5 cm from the surface, 25-30С0
  • - at a depth of 20-25 cm from the surface - 40-45С0
  • - at a depth of 40-45 cm from the surface - 55-60С0
  • - Neutralizes dangerous gases in the area (ammonia, methane, hydrogen sulfide, etc.)

By neutralizing the latter, it improves the digestion of animals
processes that increase the rate of increase in the animal's weight

  • the portion of feed is reduced by about 2-2.5%.
  • improves the organoleptic properties of animal meat;
  • the multiplication and spread of pathogenic microorganisms in the area is prevented
  • The need to use antibiotics is significantly reduced
  • The soil used is organic fertilizer. 

The required thickness of the subsoil is 50-55 cm in case of soil floor, 65-70 cm in case of concrete, after the first 3-5 days, the thickness of the subsoil under the feet of animals increases from 50-55 cm to 30-35 cm, it is necessary to add sawdust to the specified thickness.