Septic Systems

Septic systems are the best alternative to sewage, which does not discharge sewage into rivers or groundwater, but collects in septic tanks. Septic wells are emptied, cleaned or filtered at regular intervals.

Bacterial Treatment of Sewage

Bacterial processing is carried out with the help of biological filler, which is an ideal combination of biologically active enzymes of microorganisms. It minimizes the need for garbage collection and it is ecologically clean and safe for the environment.


The bio-filter provides mechanical, absorbent, physical and biological filtration of wastewater.

Our bio-filters treat both domestic wastewater and water contaminated with toxic or semi-toxic waste.

The bio-filter provides four-stage filtering:

Mechanical solid waste disposal

Microbiological: cleaning with bacteria;

Physical: elimination of all bacteria, settling of micro-inclusions zeolite filtration - absorption cleansing.

The ideal symbiosis of biologically active enzymes և microorganisms is a highly effective means, which guarantees the optimal functioning of septic systems, sewage, minimizes the need for wastewater disposal, decomposes soap and paper. The unique biological combination of aerobic-anaerobic microorganisms, mineral salts and biologically active enzymes ensures maximum efficiency of the material.


Completely eliminates unpleasant odors, removes impurities, oils, paper, soap and detergents.The excrement turns into a gel-like mass, breaks down the sediment, prevents the formation of a layer of fat, soap and septic tanks on the floor and walls.Reduces the number of hard formations, ensures the efficient operation of septic systems, sewers, minimizes the need for sewage treatment. Prevents the development of insect eggs.

Microorganisms, mineral salts և natural supplements.